Ms. Namita Singh


My quest for knowledge in esoteric sciences began during my early childhood years when during summer vacations at my grandfather’s house in Benaras, I was fortunate to sit during long and very enriching discussions between my grandfather who was a Dean at BHU and many evolved beings and noble souls who used to visit his house. Being brought up in an environment of spirituality and religious practices, I developed a keen interest in the oracle arts and para-sciences. On one hand I excelled in mainstream studies - post graduating in science with honours from the most prestigious seat of learning - BHU on the other hand, I pursued diligently the various arts and sciences of the occult - Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and Vaastu.

Having dabbled in the occult sciences for almost a decade now, I could sense my natural talent in tapping into the power of my guardian angels for Tarot readings. Gradually, my circle of influence expanded from close friends and relatives to professional clients which included professionals, neighbours and businessmen and women for all common issues of life related to money, sickness, happiness, career, marriage and kids. My mantra for my career is to give the best possible solutions to all sorts of life related problems in the most ethical and workable manner. God has been kind to bestow me with such powers but as Spiderman says - “With great power comes great responsibility”, my endeavour is to give back to society and help those in need for advise and guidance.

Naturally Namita