Tarot- the call of intuition

A tarot reading is typically done by shuffling the deck and drawing cards at random from it, further, these drawn cards are used to access the intuitive wisdom of the reader and provide a symbolic representation of the past, present and future or gain insight into a problem.

Tarot cards have the symbolism of various archetypes to represent different aspects of life. There are many types of tarot decks available for purchase and one can also create their own tarot deck with any theme they choose. Tarot card reading is seen as an art form by many. It has been around for centuries and continues to be popular today. The cards are shuffled and then drawn at random in order to give insight into a person’s life or question that they may have about the future by interpreting them in combination with other elements such as astrology and numerology.

Originally the cards were called ‘carte da trionfi’- cards of the triumphs. Around 1530 nearly, 100 years after the origin, the word tarocchi was used to distinguish them from another game of ordinary playing cards. The origin of this word is not known. The German’s named it ‘tarock’ and the French form is ‘tarot’, reason being probably that the cards came into use after 100 years after it was created. The symbolism used on the cards of trumps is linked to the Renaissance European culture and the medieval culture. Most of the Tarot subjects are quite distinctive to European Christendom. The illustrations, virtually identical to each of the tarot subjects can be found only in European art and such precise analogs are not found in the art forms of other countries.

The technical term used for tarot cards is ‘Taromancy’, which distantly means ‘looking for premonitions.’ Most people believe that tarot cards are used to predict one’s future. However, they are actually used to understand a person’s problem by digging deep into his/her thoughts. These cards do not predict your future but greatly help in achieving self-actualization. Tarot cards are all about tapping into your intuition and listening to the messages that come from within. Tarot card reading is the practice of tarot cards being used to answer questions. Tarot readings are often seen as a way to get insight into what is happening in one’s life. A tarot card reading can provide new perspectives on life, offer insights into problems that have been difficult to solve, and offer meaningful questions for people who want guidance from an outside perspective.

The Deck of 78 cards has recently grown its popularity and reputation manifolds in recent times. Tarot has lucratively fascinated the minds of people. It gives the reader an insight of the past, present the future of the seeker. Tarot card reading is not to be misunderstood with magic or spirituality. Tarot readings are developed through knowledge and intuitional command of the reader. This intuitive power of the reader plays a crucial role in elucidating conclusions.

The art of Tarot is all about intuition and your faith in the mystics of the cosmos. Many people believe that Tarots can predict the future and are an accurate representation of someone’s life path. Some people also believe that tarot card readings can help them find closure with past events and memories, as well as provide guidance for their future decisions. Whatever reason pleases your belief, try your luck with ‘Naturally Namita’ and find out what the cards have to say about you.

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